Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of Skyline Steel and Astralloy to prevent and minimize, to the fullest extent practical, all risks to the health, safety and well being of all employees, contractors and visitors. Our goal is to have ZERO Injuries.

Skyline Steel and Astralloy employees, its property and the environment will be safeguarded by continually improving our safety performance. This will be accomplished by working within the framework of our Occupational Health & Safety Management System that is certified conformant to OHSAS 18001.

Guiding Principles Key Health and Safety Areas
Nothing is more important than Safety – Nothing. Identify, evaluate and eliminate Health and Safety risks to ensure that hazards are managed.
All injuries and work-related illnesses can and must be prevented. Establish an effective process for preventing all injuries and work-related illnesses.
Management is accountable for Health and Safety performance. Build a supportive culture that requires visible leadership with clear accountability.
Communication, involvement and training of all employees are essential in Health and Safety excellence. Provide everyone with effective training so that we are all able to work safely.
Everyone has a role to play in preventing injuries and illnesses. Investigate all incidents in order to prevent a recurrence.
Excellence in Health and Safety supports excellent business results. Establish a culture where work is stopped if unsafe.
Health and Safety is integrated into all business management processes. Establish measurable objectives to monitor progress through regular audits and reporting.
  Comply fully with all legal requirements and meet or exceed expectations.
  Periodically update and test emergency procedures.

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