One of the most important reasons for ever-increasing standards of environmental protection is to ensure clean, fresh water. Although it has been illegal for several years to knowingly contaminate the ground and ground water, there are still many sites in need of containment and remediation. New pollution from accidental leaks and spills needs to be prevented, and old pollution from pre-EPA industrial sites needs to be addressed so the health and well being of our society is not put at risk.

Steel sheet piles are almost completely impermeable. The only joint is the interlock between the sheet piles. The Roxan System™ for AZ sheet piles works to minimize the flow through the interlocks. The inherent tightness of the AZ lock, the width of the piles, and the pre-delivered sealing and welding measures all contribute to decreased flow. AZ sheet piles are recognized by environmental engineers as an excellent method for containing polluted ground water and have enjoyed success in many environmental projects.