Loring Park – Minneapolis, MN

Pile Reinforcement

Skyline Steel’s fully threaded bars may be coupled by screw-on, sleeve-type couplers at any point. Hex nuts and jam nuts may also be used, providing great versatility in the fabrication of structural column or pile reinforcing steel. The Skyline Steel-manufactured grade 75 ksi threaded bar system meets the ASTM A 615 Standard Specification for Deformed Carbon-Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement requirements.

Pre-assembled Reinforcing Bar Cages

Skyline Steel is a leader in custom-manufactured steel products for the foundation industry. We are able to produce pre-assembled configurations of fully threaded bar at our multiple manufacturing locations. Overhead bridge cranes and large steel warehouses facilitate the assembly of bars, custom spacer rings, and top and bottom structural plates. High tensile strap bands are used to stabilize the cages for lifting and transport. With our extensive expertise and infrastructure, we are able to fabricate and ship large foundation steel components to just about anywhere in the United States.

For example, cage assemblies over 65 ft long, with 18 circumferential #18 grade 75 bars, have been transported over 1,000 miles with only minor field adjustments required upon arrival. Cages measuring 130 feet in length have been produced in our Camp Hill, PA manufacturing facility and shipped directly to the job site in Manhattan, NY.


  • Factory fabrication provides efficiency at the jobsite resulting in cost savings on the project
  • In-factory assembly prevents production schedule delays due to site weather or laydown conditions
  • Reinforcing with Skyline Steel Grade 75 ksi provides a larger range of bar sizes than traditional rebar
  • The coupling of the bars is pre-done and held in a thread locked condition, eliminating concerns of becoming loose
  • Spacer rings and steel banding provide a stable arrangement of bar cages, which facilitates crane pick up and lowering