Berkshire Wind Power – Hancock, MA

Rock Bolts and Anchor Bolts

Rock bolts support the face of a rock slope or cut. When securing the face of an excavation, rock bolts are used to support the unstable rock on the surface to the more stable rock behind the excavation. Roof bolts anchor the overhead portion of the tunnel excavation to the more stable rock above it. Anchor bolts serve to connect a structure to its foundation and can be used when securing wind turbines, tower structures, sign posts, stairways, and buildings.


  • Threaded bar rolling facilities which manufacture anchor bolts to strict tolerances
  • Grade 75 and Grade 150 threaded bars show minimum relaxation under tension
  • Large diameter anchor bolts can be designed to meet minimum yield strengths of up to 847 kips, with an ultimate strength of 1,059 kips or over 500 tons