Port of Tampa Berth 213 – Tampa, FL

Tie Rods

Tie rods can be used in conjunction with a typical sheet pile retaining system to provide additional support and stability for walls that may be too high to be cantilevered. The use of Skyline Steel threaded bar enables the user to optimize their design by increasing wall stability, decreasing sheet pile length, and reducing the wall design moment.

Tie rod systems typically contain three parts: a waler, a threaded bar, and an anchoring system. The waler is designed to distribute the anchor load evenly across the sheet pile wall and provide a point of attachment for the threaded bar. The threaded bar distributes the load from the main wall to an anchor system. Anchor systems can be designed as a deadman wall, an individual anchor pile, a concrete block, or the bar may also be grouted into soil or rock as ground anchorage. Skyline Steel threaded bars and fasteners have been designed and tested to exceed the minimum tensile strengths of the various bar sizes we offer.


  • Fully threaded bars provide ability to cut bars to desired length
  • Bars may be field cut or coupled providing versatile constructability
  • Various bar sizes allows for design optimization and overall cost savings
  • A wide range of accessories such as: nut caps, articulating couplers and beveled washers are available to complement the various threaded bar sizes
  • Fabrication facilities and partners with the ability to epoxy coat, hot dip galvanize, and fabricate any required corrosion protection design