Trade is vital to the economy of the world and marine infrastructure makes it possible. As container ships and other vessels continue to increase in size so does demand for port facilities with deeper dredge levels and larger cranes. Taller berthing facilities require large sheet pile combined wall systems to handle the earth pressures, and heavy surcharges from stored material and equipment. The increase in crane loads drives up the size and length of bearing piles under the crane rails. These loading requirements coupled with aggressive salt water environments make the design of marine structures a formidable task.

North America also has an extensive network of inland water ways. Huge temporary structures are often required to build lock and dam facilities. River and lake infrastructure also have to deal with extensive ice and large variations in water elevations.

Skyline Steel has the widest range of products and the most experience, of any supplier, in designing and supplying sheet piling structures for ocean and inland waterways.

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